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Hey NC!

Mar 11, 2019

Hey NC!

We were honored to interview Diane Bloom, director of An Unlikely Friendship.  This documentary traced the relationship between C.P. Ellis and Ann Atwater, who stood on opposites sides of the racial gap during school desegregation in Durham, NC. Recently, this story has been made into a major motion picture...

Apr 23, 2018

Mark Kleinschmidt was Chapel Hill's first openly gay mayor and is now a candidate for Orange County Clerk of Court.  In this episode, Mark talks about the reasons behind his candidacy, the role of the clerk of court, and some of the favorite things he likes to do in Orange County, NC.

For more information about Mark's...

Feb 26, 2018

Hey NC! We were thrilled to speak with the exceedingly modest Braxton Foushee today. On February 28, 1960, he and other Lincoln High School students staged a sit in at the Colonial Drugstore (now West End Wine Bar) on Franklin Street. He continued a life of service by helping to integrate other parts of Franklin Street...