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Hey NC!

Oct 31, 2018

Country legend Jimmy Ray Swagger and his drummer cousin Hoyt came by from Bahama and ummm...astounded us with their musical acumen and tales of musical stardom.  He and his band The Fussy Eaters will be playing Halloween at the Cave in Carrboro, NC alongside Crystal Bright, Robert Griffin, Codeine Haze, and Katharine...

Oct 10, 2018

Hey NC!

We caught up with our friend, Brian McGee, in this episode.  In addition to playing Sneakers Award, Brian has started Twin House Music in Carrboro.  They'll be having their grand opening on Saturday, 10/13.  We talked about the new business, guitar teching and much much more.  Check it out and local folks check...

Oct 8, 2018

Hey NC!

We interviewed Gentry Hodnett today.  She is the Interim Development & Communications Director for the Orange County Rape Crisis Center (OCRCC).  

We talked today about the mission of the OCRCC, the impact of the Kavanaugh hearings, supporting sexual assault survivors, and the various ways the OCRCC educates,...

Oct 1, 2018

Hey NC!

Had a great conversation with our friend, renowned local photographer Trevor Holman.  We talked about growing up in Chapel Hill, what sparked his interest in photography, his work with local politicians and what he loves about his work.

For more info about Trevor, click